5 Must-know tips to learn a foreign language

Classic tips on how one learns a language


An ongoing process

Every project has to be evaluated periodically. A famous business administration model states that endeavours have four stages: Planning, Doing, Checking and Acting (PDCA). Globalization was never a project of a group or individual. However, it does goes through those phases.

A Guide to Essay Writing for University Students – Part One: Reading and Preparation

When I first came to Oxford, adjusting to having to produce an essay every week was a big challenge. It was not like anything I ever had done...

On Essay Introductions

The dreaded essay is certainly one of the most intimidating parts of any language test, from high school, to CAE and IELTS. This series of posts will aim to give you a step-by-step strategy on how to write a great essays. With simple steps,...

Brazil’s True Peers

Usually, my country pops in the news as one of the developing countries or developing world. This definition or group can be very useful, however it exposes only one factor. Maybe it's the most important factor, but it's still only one factor.