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According to many historians, globalization is a process that has been on track for centuries at least from the end of the Medioevo. As a process, it helps shape the reality and bring new questions often. The changes it provides and issues it emerges are so dramatic that a pause for reflection is some times needed. It looks like the world is living one of this periods.

Every project has to be evaluated periodically. A famous business administration model states that endeavours have four stages: Planning, Doing, Checking and Acting (PDCA). Globalization was never a project of a group or individual. However, it does goes through those phases. Being on course for centuries, it seems to be under check. Trump’s acession to power is a phenomenum that suggest this moment of reflection. In despite of his populist rethoric, the new president echoes the feeling of many who believe globalization has brought undesirable consequences. To this people, a multicultural society and an open market are changes that don’t payoff.

Societies and market are getting increasingly closer. In an everyday shopping, one can easily buy a T-Shirt made in Lebanon, a gadget made in Singapore and beer made in Mexico. The shop attendand ant teller themselves can also be Mexican. This is radically different from generations before, when most products were proudly made in our country. To those more averse to changes it can be a difficult reality to handle. This new world can be frightening at first glance, but it also brings many advantages.

An integrated world is a cheaper and more efficient world. Those who miss the old times should consider that everyday spending would be much higher without globalization. This economic aspect is crucial and must be considered. On one hand globalization has “exported” our jobs, on the other hand it has made our everyday life way more affordable. It is a process that brings up advantagens and disadvanges. Thus, an analysis of it should avoid a simplist approach and wheigh in every factor.

Globalization is an irreversible process and shoud be handled. It is shaping the world and asking for responses. Should one be afraid from an open market and society and slow down this process? Or should one be coraugeous and enjoy the risks and benefits of this new reality? The answer is being thought at this very moment worldwide. No one knows what it will be. Patience, however, is always necessary, before, after and alongside any change. This time it won’t be different.

Composition originally made as an essay writing exercise proposed by Teacher Rodrigo Armstrong.
The author is an aspiring diplomat and thanks the financial support to this project provided by his father.

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