Who are your peers? Honestly, the peer I most care about currently is the P2P(Peer-to-Peer) technology.

Aside from the long list of advantages of P2P based technology, we should consider who are our peers in real life. In our everyday routine, it’s easy to recognize our peers at the workplace, at the residencial condominium we live in and so far.

But when it comes to the global scene, the issue gets a bit harder.

Usually, my country pops in the news as one of the developing countries or developing world. This definition or group can be very useful, however it exposes only one factor. Maybe it’s the most important factor, but it’s still only one factor.

My propposal is to do little research on how a country can be compared to others.

I picked some aspects at will. The first ones I picked were absolutely geographic. They are

  • Population
  • Area

These aspects are indeed relevant, but so are many others. Than I decided to bring some aspects somehow considering the society. I picked:

  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  • HDI (Human Development Index)
  • Gini Coefficient

As a last resource, I decided to pick some more subtle ways of seeing a country. I picked:

  • CPI (Corruption Perceptions Index)
  • Ease of Doing Business Index

After carefully considering what aspects I should pick, I did some research. Here are the results.


Brazil has 204 million inhabbitants. Only four countries are more populated than Pelé’s land. They are:

  • Indonesia (255mi)
  • United States (321mi)
  • India (1,251mi)
  • China(1,367mi)

The next four countries in order of population are:

  • Pakistan (199mi)
  • Nigeria (181mi)
  • Bangladesh (168mi)
  • Russia (142mi)

All figures are from CIA’s World Factbook.


Brazil is often cited as a “país baleia” (whale country) for its size (8,514,877 sq km) . Also only four countries are bigger than bossa nova’s crib. They are:

  • Russia (17,098,242)
  • Canada(9,984,670)
  • United States(9,826,675)
  • China(9,596,960)

Brazil’s smaller neighbors are:

  • Australia (7,741,220)
  • India (3,287,263)
  • Argentina (2,780,400)
  • Kazakhstan (2,724,900)

Area information available on CIA’s World Factbook.


Since early childhood I’ve been told that Brazil will be great in the future. So far our economy is big but our people is still poor (GDP in PPP 3,263,867 / 7th).

Countries with bigger GDPs are:

  • India (7,384,099)
  • Japan (4,630,941)
  • Russia (3,745,157)
  • Germany (3,704,911)

Countries with smaller GDPs are:

  • Indonesia (2,676,109)
  • France (2,571,970)
  • United Kingdom (2,565,070)
  • Mexico (2,145,089)

Figures came from the World Bank.

HDI(Human Devolpment Index)

So far my country was going quite good but we have to remember we are still and underdeveloped nation. Brazilian HDI is considered high in spite of holding the 79th place (0.755).

Although there are more than seventy countries with bether HDI, our best rated neighbors are:

  • Venezuela (0.762)
  • Turkey (0.761)
  • Sri Lanka (0.757)
  • Mexico (0.756)

The slightly lower HDIs come from:

  • Georgia (0.754)
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis (0.752)
  • Azerbaijan (0.751)
  • Grenada (0.750)

Source: United Nations Development Program

Gini Coefficient

Maybe this what ashames us most. Brazil has a Gini Coefficient of 51.9. Brazil’s neighbors are mainly in Latin America and Africa.

Our neighbors are:

  • Colombia (53.5)
  • Paraguay (53.2)
  • Chile (52.1)
  • Panama (51.9)

Other countries neighboring Brazil:

  • Papua New Guinea (50.9)
  • Swaziland (50.4)
  • Costa Rica (50.3)
  • Gambia (50.2)

Source: CIA’s World Factbook

Corruption Perceptions Index

According to a recent poll, Brazil’s main problem is corruption. Since colonial times, it has been what we could call a cultural trace. Brazil holds the 38th position in the world according to Transparecy International.

Our better rated neighbors are:

  • Mongolia (39)
  • Panama (39)
  • Trinidad and Tobago (39)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (38)

Our not so well rated rated neighbors are:

  • Burkina Faso (38)
  • India (38)
  • Thailand (38)
  • Tunisia (38)

Ease of doing business

Entrepenurial freedom is also very important in a dynamic world. Brazil is a global player for its volume, however it’s not a true business friendly place. According to the World Bank, Brazil is only the 116th better nation to develop a company.

Some countries are similar to Brazil. They are:

  • Soloman Islands (112)
  • Jordan (113)
  • Gana (114)
  • Lesotho (114)

Others, slightly worse rated:

  • Ecuador (117)
  • Iran (118)
  • Barbados (119)
  • Belize (120)


Many countries were listed in the text. However only 7 were mentioned more than once. India is similar to Brazil in four aspects (Area, Population, GPD, CPI). Russia in three(Area, Population, GDP).  China, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama and United States in only two.

Most of the countries belong to the BRICS. The others are as diverse as a superpower like the United States and a small centroamerican nation like Panama.

Brazil’s peers undoubtfully are the ones usually called developing world or BRICS. However we should compare ourselves frequently with very different countries like Mexico and Indonesia in order to get a good worldview.




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